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Before NightFall

Project type

Unity 3D, Group Project, Tower Defense

My Part

I made the econemey system and the ui desing for this game. i also helped with the programer who made the wave and world generator.

About the game Before Nightfall (BNF for short). This game is a prototype game made for my study. BNF is a Towerdefance game in a fantesy setting, you play as an carpenter for hire to deffend someonce vilage or a castle. but where do you defend against? well there are multiple creaturs like a oger, giant, demon and a boss creature like the slime or dragon. For each contract you complete you get gems wich you can spend to upgrade the standard towers and abilety's. there are 3 modes to the game

#1" is carreer mode where you complete contracts to earn gems to get more difficult contracts etc.

#2" is a endless mode where you get a random generated map and you need to clear as many waves you can.

#3' is a custom mode where you set the parameters of the map generator your self, like how big the map is, the seed, the amount of waves and the difficulty.

so that is the game in short.

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